Sina Seifee

a darker purpose, 2014

Online Interface

An online interface that represents the series of lecture-performances, about different topics, such as Mathematics, King Lear, and stories from Panchatantra. Each project works as performative readings of memory, culture, art and politics of saying, pedagogy, transmission, and understanding. Happening in different locations in, these talks are about reading or unfolding multiple discourses under the influence of language, technology, history, and Diaspora. These talks, in some sense are squeezing the intuition in the right circumstances. Humor, rhetoric, allegory, paraphrasing, shyness, and meeting, among other things are be practiced and theorized in this project.


Supervision: Prof. Dr. Marie-Luise Angerer, Prof. Julia Scher, Luis Negrón van Grieken

Sina Seifee

4-semestriges Studium (Diplomstudiengang II) at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne from 2011 bis 2015. Diploma in the key area of Kunst .