Nieves de la Fuente Gutiérrez

Caracaballo, 2015

The two pieces I show, “Caracaballo” and “Oculus nebulosus”, are metaphors dealing with the production of an “ideal horse” during the XVII and XVIII century and its social meanings. The horse was an important member of the courtyard and because of its representative functions, it should answer the demands of the “high-art” classic-baroque equestrianism. The appearance of these animals depended on the beauty standards of this period, in such a way that their bodies and proportions changed almost the same way as the human female bodies did.


Supervision: Prof. Ute Hörner, Prof. Mathias Antlfinger, Thomas Hawranke

Nieves de la Fuente Gutiérrez

Studiengang Diplom II (Kunst) at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne since 2013.