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Another Justice – My First Years as a Judge, 2015

ANOTHER JUSTICE: MY FIRST YEARS AS A JUDGE // A lecture performance by Walter Solon – Walter Solon comes from a line of legal practitioners. His father is a legal philosopher and lawyer, his grandfather was a judge, as he also is himself – or at least, he was for two years. On finishing high school and entering into law school in São Paulo, he had the feeling he was only conforming to his father’s and grandfather’s wishes for the sake of formality. Law school would rather prepare him, like numerous other Brazilian writers, for a literary career. In the end, literature was not enough for him. He wanted to do something against the prevailing injustices and joined his father and grandfather as a partner in the family’s law firm, renamed Solon, Solon & Solon. His shock at being faced with the realities of legal practice in cartel-based, emerging market capitalism could only be countered by regular consumption of cocaine, excessive sex parties and illegal street racing. Then followed his first (and last) years as a judge in the remote state of Moto Grosso Feio, where he tragically failed in the realization of his utopian dreams of justice. He was unable to hinder the massacre of an indigenous group of people, decided against the adoption of Guarani as the second official language, was responsible for protecting a serial rapist, and allowed a group of anti-dam activists to be imprisoned for civil disobedience. In this lecture performance, video recordings of (former) defendants are shown, including interrogations and sentences, accusations and justifications. But where do we position ourselves? Neither in the court of justice, nor in a prison, and not on the sunny beaches of freedom. After university, after the law firm, after Moto Grosso Feio we find ourselves removed to a fourth location (in his German exile?), where one can, in the words of Deleuze and Guattari, “deterritorialize oneself by renouncing, by going elsewhere… Another justice, another movement, another space-time.”


Supervision: Luis Negron, Christian Sievers

Walter Solon, ---

Born 1992 in São Paulo. Studium (Diplom I) at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne Since 2014.

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