Laurentia Genske

Afuera , 2015

documentary, 64 Min.

Rafael and Yohan couldn’t be more different. Rafael, a self-confident young man, is unperturbedly struggling his way through life. A loner, who knows exactly what he wants and doesn’t look back. Yohan – on the other hand – is a dreaming philosopher. He drifts around and faces his fate in good faith. What binds them together is something, that is essential for many other young Cubans, too: Tourism. All too often the only source of income and at the same time the gate to paradise. The desire of leaving Cuba and starting a better life in Europe or America is growing in many young people. While Rafael chauffeurs tourists as an illegal taxi driver, Yohan is offering his services as a „jintero“ (casual prostitute). Due to their jobs, they are not only frowned upon by their families, they are also breaking the strict laws of the regime. The film gives an insight into the tough and harsh reality of Cuban everyday life of two men, who are striving for a different life.

1. Projekt

Supervision: Rita Schwarze, Prof. Thomas Schmitt

Laurentia Genske

Born 1989 in Köln. Grundständiges Studium at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne Since 2010.

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