Anja Kruglova, Anja Kreis

12, 1/2, 2014

feature film, 21 Min.

HE and SHE. They have no names. They have no reality. They are here and there. Wandering and going with no direction . SHE is looking for HIM, but HE is asleep. When SHE finds him, they paint the door red and talk about those 12 ones. They run away. Along the way HE is going blind and SHE has to take HIS hand. When they are near the river, their reflections turn into fishes and they disappear.

1. Projekt

Supervision: Prof. Didi Danquart

Anja Kruglova, Anja Kreis

Born 1988 in Köln. Grundständiges Studium at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne Since 2011.

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